NPW-USA Sound Machine, 16 Hilarious Sound Effects

NPW-USA Sound Machine, 16 Hilarious Sound Effects

Sound effects to enhance your daily life! Sprinkle your conversations with a burst of canned laughter, a round of applause or a wa-wa-wa-waaaaah. You may feel the need for a major explosion, or the load-and-fire of a pump action shotgun. You will soon wonder how you ever managed without a perfect push-button wolf-whistle, a raspberry, or a fanfare and drum-roll on demand. Quality sound-bites in a sleek, pocket-able machine including: applause, laughter, boos, wrong answer, ka-ching, drum roll, comedy punchline music, whistle, scream, and many more. It’s always time to have a laugh with NPW whether it be a birthday, office prank, sleepover, party or just because you want a mega LOL. NPW lives and breathes cheekiness. Entertain friends with hilarious gifts and gadgets that will crack them up! There is never a dull moment with NPW in your life!

Hand-held sound effects device with 16 high-fidelity sound bites
4 x 2.5 x .8-Inches
Requires 3 AG13/LR44 batteries…

Best Price: $10.00

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